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2010 Malta International Scrabble Open: May 14-16

May 14–16, 2010

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MOST 2010 Commentary: Round 8

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Round 8: After the coffee break the players were very keen to get stuck into their next game. Theresa, the TD, had organised, in Round 7, a spot prize of a photo frame for the highest scoring word using the Q and a word at least 4 letters long. The winner was Mihai Pantis (ROM) from Roumania with ESQUIRES for 104 points. The featured game in this round is between Evan Cohen (ISR) and Chris Keeley (Eng) with Chris playing the first bonus of the match with TAVERNA for 68 points. Evan immediately responded with REALISTS, using the A of TAVERNA, for 77 points and then played BRaINIER for 70 points to pull ahead. There followed an exchange of high scoring words which left Evan maintaining his lead. Evan then played GUiNEAS for 73 to give him a 100+ lead. A few plays later Chris played SEIGNOUR for 72 , but it was not enough to catch his opponent. Evan finally won 479-353.

John Chew writes: Players tend to set their goals a little low when playing Nigel Richards (NZL) to avoid disappointment. Sam Kantimathi (USA) for instance was delighted that he managed to play the very pretty bingo TIRAMISU against Nigel, as part of his 446-423 loss.

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