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2010 Malta International Scrabble Open: May 14-16

May 14–16, 2010

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MOST 2010 Commentary: Round 19

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Round 19: Mohammad Sulaiman (PAK) and Craig Beevers (Eng) remain 2 games clear of the field with 15-3 and spreads of 1508 and 1152 respectively. Nigel Richards (NZL) and Jared Robinson (Eng) are in 3rd and 4th of place with game scores 13-5 and spreads of 1695 and 843 so any of the top 4 could still win the Tournament with 3 games to go. The featured game is between Nigel Richards and Mohammad Sulaiman and after their first pick from the tile bag Mohammad changed all 7 and then played RESULTED for 61. A couple of moves later Nigel played VIRILISM for 76. A few moves later Mohammad played RENNASES for 68 to edge into the lead, but Nigel immediately responded with gRANULAR for 74 with the first blank of the game. Nigel picked up the second blank but had to sit on it for several moves as he had some poor picks until he was able to go into the lead with ROSINaTE for 77. Nigel won the game 455-384.

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