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2010 Malta International Scrabble Open: May 14-16

May 14–16, 2010

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MOST 2010 Commentary: Round 11

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Round 11: One should never speak too early when talking about how well a tournament is going but the MISO - so far - is on schedule, with little or no noise problems, printers and computers are all functioning well and some cracking Scrabble is being played all around d the playing hall. There is another spot prize in this round for the highest scoring word with letter Z, minimum length 4 letters the prize this time is a scented candle in a pottery jar - just perfect to calm your nerves while lying in a hot bath after a day of stressful Tournament Scrabble. The top table match is between Evan and Jared and on play 5 Jared lobbed down POINTES for 83; Evan responded well playing his Z (ZA) for 44 to stay in touch. Jared then played OX for 35 and Evan came back with GROAN for 48- just 2 points in it at this stage. Evan then played IMPUReLY for 78 to take the lead. Then after some end-game plays, Evan bonused out with TRAsHIER for 72 and caught Jared with several letters on his rack including the Q. The final score was 461-386 to Evan.

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