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Toronto SCRABBLE® Open

About the Event

The first Toronto SCRABBLE® Open and Human vs. Computer Showdown takes place on November 17-19, 2006 at the Earl Bales Community Centre at Bathurst and Sheppard.

About a hundred players from across North America will compete in an 18-round open match for the right to play a computer opponent in the Showdown. During those 18 rounds, each human player will play 16 other human players and (if they wish) two computer opponents. The computer opponent with the best record against human opponents earns the right to contest the human champion in the Showdown.

This web site will be updated during the event with standings during the first 18 rounds, after which it will feature live coverage of the Human vs. Computer Showdown.

Standings for the Open and standings for the Showdown are updated when each round's data is complete. Roger Cullman has a flickr photo set for the event. Tony Leah has posted to CGP about the tournament. The Toronto Star devoted half a page to coverage. A video clip from Global News is also available on request.

Final games will be broadcast play by play beginning at about 13:00 EST.


Friday, November 17th10:00Registration
10:30Game 1
11:30Game 2
12:30Game 3
2:30Game 4
3:30Game 5
4:30Game 6
5:30Game 7
Saturday, November 18th9:00Game 8
10:00Game 9
11:00Game 10
12:00Game 11
2:00Game 12
3:00Game 13
4:00Game 14
5:00Game 15
Sunday, November 19th9:00Game 16
10:00Game 17
11:00Game 18
1:00Final Game 1
2:00Final Game 2
3:00Final Game 3
4:00Final Game 4 (if required)
5:00Final Game 5 (if required)