poslfit Software Archive

This is where I gather software that I’ve written that people have asked for. If you’re looking for something that isn't here (this is just the small tip of an iceberg of Scrabble, web design/management, mathematical and Unix software), e-mail me at poslfit@gmail.com.

Major Recent Projects

TSH is the worldwide standard for SCRABBLE tournament management software. As of 2014, it consists of over 60,000 lines of Perl and JavaScript code, and consists of a command-line shell and a wide range of AJAX web reports.
NASPA Member Services
The North American SCRABBLE Players Association is the official governing body for competitive Scrabble in Canada and the United States. I wrote each of the (as of 2014) 65,000 lines of Perl and JavaScript code that provide online services to its members, and am solely responsible for its website. Access to most services may require a password; guest access is available on request.
Event webcast software
55,000 lines of Perl code that create live web coverage of each top-level Scrabble tournament in the world, such as the 2013 SCRABBLE Champions Tournament.
(private financial exchange)
30,000 lines of Perl and JavaScript code written in 2010 as part of a project to provide secure online access to a private financial exchange. Access not available due to terms of non-disclosure agreement.

Utilities and Tools

A Perl script that compares the Elo ratings computed by ratings2.pl with those found in an NSA cross-table.
A C program that makes a JPEG "contact sheet" of thumbnail images out of a collection of JPEG files.
A Perl library for working with dawg files, as generated by Graham Toal's package posted to alt.sources.
A tiny Perl script for listing the dictionary definitions that come with the HASBRO SCRABBLE(R) CD-ROM.
A Perl script that tags text according to the dictionary in which its words can be found. Dictionaries not included.
A Perl script that probes a host for TCP servers.
genea.pl and genea2.pl
Genealogy Perl scripts.
A Perl script that creates a hierarchical listing of a web site.
A PHP script that changes its background colour using RGB and HSB controls, useful for colour-matching. To download the script, change .php to .txt.
A Perl script that I use to browse only the interesting bits of an RFC 822 message (no HTML, no weird headers).
A Perl script that converts a mail message to HTML.
A Perl script that sends macro-expanded (mail merge) e-mail using Net::SMTP or sendmail. Use perlpod to read documentation embedded in the script.
A Perl script that generates round-robin pairings tables based on a partially filled-in grid (i.e., a script that completes partial Latin squares).
A Perl script that lists a Nethack high score list from the monsters' point of view.
A Perl script that analyses a Maven simulation log.
A Perl script that calculates NSA tournament performance ratings.
A Perl script that does NSA SSLs.
A Perl library for manipulating NSA-style Elo ratings. Now part of the tsh distribution.
A library supplementary to ratings.pl. Now part of the tsh distribution.
A Perl script for performing backup mirrors (copies resource forks under OS/X).
A flexible quiz script written in Perl, tested on Macs, DOS and Unix systems, suitable for Scrabble word lists
A Mac OS/X iSync 2.3 plugin to let you use BlueTooth to connect your Sony Ericsson K510 (K510a, K510c, K510i) cellphone to your Mac and synchronize its contacts list to your address book.
A Perl script for producing NSA tournament reports. Is no longer distributed separately but is part of the tsh distribution.
Update Currency Rates
An OS X (Perl) script to correctly update the currency rates in OS X's Calculator application. As of early 2007, the "Update Currency Rates" button in the Calculator application is broken, and deletes most exchange rate information from the calculator when run. This is because of a problem with the exchange rate data source, which this script avoid by using the PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service". Partially localized for French, German and Japanese.
A C program for calculating SCRABBLE® word probabilities.
A Perl script for converting NSA cross-tables to tourney.pl .t files.
If you haven't configured your browser to download Perl files correctly, some of these files may be garbled. You can also download copies of these files that are identified as text files, and then rename them: dawg.pl, ddtag.pl, findport.pl, htmlhier.pl, mailclean.pl, mailhtml.pl, perfrat.pl, ratings.pl, tourney.pl.