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May 1, 2001 saw us become new homeowners for the first time. The new Hive (known as Bee's Knees) is a busy one, as we are renting out the basement (the Old Hive) to Gary Sagara, and two rooms on the second floor to Ayami Imazu and Chie Inoue. So far, as an official landlady, I have resisted the urge to put my hair in rollers, buy a flowered housecoat and fuzzy slippers, and take up smoking and right wing politics.

December was very busy, as usual. John and I went to Las Vegas in the middle of the month for the World Scrabble Championships. John was Webmaster and First Alternate for the Canadian team (all members of which stayed disgustingly healthly), and I pitched in where needed. It was a wonderful experience, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

We came back in time to finish our Christmas shopping in two days and collapse before Christmas itself. We spent a lovely Christmas Eve with my aunt Millie, two cousins Scott and Jeff, and Jeff's girlfriend Erin. Then at 9:00 AM the next morning, it was off to spend Christmas morning with Daniel (John's godson) and his family across the alley. Then in the car at 12:00, and off to Ottawa via Kingston. We got to Ottawa before the turkey was put away, and were very happy to see my mom, sister, and nieces and nephew before we went to bed.

On the 27th, I got on a plane to go to the MLA (Modern Languages Association) convention in New Orleans. The food was stupendous, and I did my best to decimate the oyster population as I did the octopus population in Barcelona. Flew back on New Year's Eve to help John host the New Year's Poslparty, and am now Very Very Tired indeed. --Thursday, January 3, 2002

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