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Hisae Hagiwara Chew: Set List

Starting at about 2:00, Ted Chew and his family (Alice, Ian, Jay) will be playing some of Hisae’s favourite songs. They write:

As a family, we always enjoyed playing music for Hisae and Jack. Our set list is a microcosm of the music that we have played for Hisae throughout the years, and is played this afternoon as a tribute to a wonderful mother and grandmother, and to a life well lived.

— Thank you for listening, Ted, Ally, Ian & Jay Chew.

Karasu; Otete tsunaide (Kutsu ga naru); Musunde hiraite
These are three Japanese folk songs that Hisae shared with her children, and were in turn shared with her grandchildren
Vilia from The Merry Widow by Franz Lehár
A playful tune that Hisae enjoyed hearing
Canon in D by Johannes Pachelbel
The theme song from “Off the Record” an afternoon CBC radio show
Red River Valley; Aloha Oe
Two songs that Hisae loved to hum and would put together
Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen
Of modern performers, KD Lang was one of Hisae’s favorites, and she loved her version of this song
El Cóndor Pasa
Hisae liked a wide variety of music, and particularly enjoyed Peruvian music
Ted liked to play his mother this tune
Ashoken Farewell
American fiddle tune, that was the last song that Ted played for his mother in the hospital, and evoked her praise.
What a Wonderful World
Hisae was a big fan of Louis Armstrong