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Web Hosting of Scrabble Games: Rate Chart

Beginning with the 2000 Canadian National SCRABBLE® Championship, important games at major tournaments have been posted live to web sites using a modification of the traditional DOoM crossword game servers once popular among Scrabble players.

The following is a table of standard rates for posting and hosting recorded games on this server. All amounts are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Service Amount Details
Setup $25 Per event charge, includes setting up of account, directories, logo.
Basic event web site $50 If you don't have a web site for your event at all, we will create one that provides the basic details of your event, your contact information, and links to the games you post.
Live games
(entered by you)
$10 Per-game charge for access to the live game entry server and the game editor.
Semi-live games
(entered by us)
$50 Per-game charge to have us enter the game onto the server. You are responsible for communicating the plays to us as they occur, typically via instant messaging.
Semi-live games
(entered by you)
$5 Per-game charge for access to the game editor.
Delayed games
(entered by you)
$5 Per-game charge for access to the Quackle .gcg file uploader and the game editor.
On site service $400 Daily charge, includes all of the above. We also require payment of travel and accommodation expenses, including in most cases one day's accommodation before and after the event.
Custom tiles
(created by you)
$25 One-time installation charge, contact us for specifications or look at a sample directory.
Custom tiles
(created by us)
$100 Design and installation of a full set of virtual tiles based on your specifications for colour, texture and typeface. If your language is not yet supported, one set of tiles will be created for free.

All service includes telephone technical support at +1 416 876 7675 between 08:00 and 24:00 Eastern Time. Support outside of those hours is available by prearrangement. Service during 00:00-09:00 ET incurs a 150% surcharge; service during 20:00-24:00 ET incurs a 100% surcharge; surcharges do not apply to the daily rate. Please contact us to negotiate volume discounts for posting large numbers of games.